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EAA Chapter 960, located in Farmville, North Carolina, provides several important functions in the local community.

First, the organization brings people with an interest in aviation together:

The Farmville Chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association provides a place for people interested in flying and aviation to congregate, meet new friends, and talk with others that share their interest through monthly meetings and other events. The Farmville chapter covers a geographic area which includes Greenville and the surrounding area.

Second, the chapter works to introduce the community to general aviation flying (non-airline flying):

The chapter's largest contribution to promote general aviation to the non-flying community is the annual fly-in where the community is invited to Flanagan field for food, fun, and flying. This annual event brings airplanes and their pilots from around the area into the airfield along with some of the best home-cooking around. See the fly-in page on our site for more information on this year's fly-in.

Third, but not least, EAA chapter 960 participates in an international program called the Young Eagles:

The goal of this world-wide program is to provide a demonstration flight in an airplane to 1 million children from ages 8 to 17 by the year 2003 - the dawn of aviationís second century and the 50th anniversary of the EAA. The flights are provided free of charge to any youth wishing to participate in the Young Eagles program. The pilots of the EAA chapter 960 donate their time and airplanes to introduce these children to flying.

Visit our Young Eagles page to learn more about this exciting program.

Your local Experimental Aircraft Association is about having just plane fun !!

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Updated:  Monday July 19, 2010


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