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The Young Eagles Program

Young Eagles Web PageThe Farmville EAA chapter 960 participates in an international program called the Young Eagles. The goal of this world-wide program is to provide a demonstration flight in an airplane to 1 million children from ages 8 to 17 by the year 2003 - the dawn of aviationís second century and the 50th anniversary of the EAA. The flights are provided free of charge to any youth wishing to participate in the Young Eagles program.

The pilots of the EAA chapter 960 donate their time and airplanes to introduce these children to flying. Piper Cub Ride The Young Eagles program consists of a short class where the basic principles of flight are demonstrated to the children and includes discussions about career opportunities in the aviation industry. Afterward, the children are taken outside to look at an airplane and the different parts such as wings, flaps, engines, and instruments are explained. Finally, each of the children are given a ride in an airplane around the local area. Unlike typical airplane rides, the pilots encourage the children to ask questions and participate in actually getting a feel of the controls while in flight. This provides the children with a learning experience, not just an airplane ride. After the flight, each child is presented with an official looking Young Eagles certificate documenting the date and location the flight took place, the type of aircraft, and the name of the pilot who shared this experience. Also, each child's name is sent to the national EAA headquarters and entered into the "World's Largest Logbook" maintained at the EAA Air Adventure Museum located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

The EAA chapter encourages any local groups that work with children to contact the EAA 960 local Young Eagles Coordinator, Brad Durrett to get more information about how your organization can participate in this exciting program.

Visit the International Young Eagles web page.


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Updated:  Tuesday January 18, 2011


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